«Sun Wind»

Software Development Company

We use big data to develop sophisticated mobile apps and advanced system performance Geoinformation Systems (GIS).

Sun Wind is a team of software developers from Zelenograd, Russia. Our versatile knowledge and experience allow us to successfully meet challenges across different areas of information technology. Our core competencies include the analysis and processing of large data sets, GIS applications, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Data Acquisition and Processing

We create, develop and maintain apps that handle tens of thousands of requests per second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to analyze a stream of data in near real-time and display it in various ways using GIS. We know how to efficiently store terabytes and petabytes of fact-related documents while keeping hardware and software costs down.

21st Century GIS Systems

Based on open-source geocomponents, we have created a special system for the database management of geographically distributed objects. We create web-based systems that can cope with and display many tens of thousands of objects on a map.

We are able to collect big data associated with objects, such as photos. We can search for objects based on their geographical nature (i.e. “display all objects at the intersection of the Oxford Street and Regent Street”). Objects can be mobile, and their movement and speed can be tracked in real time to detect anomalies such as a deviation from an established route.

Custom Development

Using flexible and iterative approaches, we specialize in custom design. We aren’t afraid of changing requirements, and we can help customers understand how to solve problems better. We are able to analyze existing customer data and make value-enhancing suggestions. We can see meaningful things emerge from big data, saving the client much time and money on anaylsis.

Our systems consist of units with clearly defined functions. As a result, our systems are assembled from blocks, and it is possible to incorporate third-party components. In this way, we try to make maximum use of free and open-source software.

Our specializations

Technology, core competencies

In our work we excel at and love working with:


Accounting systems of urban sites

Data collection systems

Dealer network support systems

Analytical systems for shopping centers

Mobile commerce applications: Mobile Orders

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